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Manufacturing equipment for production polymer-sand tile

Polymer-technology ltd. offer reliable equipment for the production of polymer-sand tiles and other products based on polymer composition (such as paving slabs).

Since 2000, our company manufactures a tile-based polymer-sand composition and technological equipment.

In developing the line were taken into account all the technological features that arise in the process.

The composition of the line for the production of Polymer-sand tile

Crusher ASI-300 Rotary cutter polymers ASI-300 (crusher) is designed for crushing various kinds of polymers and is the device with periodic action.

Extruder (device regeneration polymers) Extruder is designed for regeneration (fusing into a homogeneous mass) pre-shredded plastic waste is a unit of continuous action.

Heating unit (APN) Heating machine (APN) is designed for mixing powdered polymer with a filler (sand) with the addition of coloring pigment, and to obtain the mass heated for pressing. APN is a device of continuous operation.

Press Hydraulic Press is intended for compacting Polymer mass which results in a finished product (tiles, ridge).

Dryer sand

Mold (tile - 1 unit and ridge - 1 unit)

Term of production lines - from 2 to 3 months, 50% in advance.
Commissioning, and training is included in the cost of equipment

You can buy a line for production of polymer-sand tile calling us by phone +380 (642) 71-70-76 or send e-mail for

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