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New production technologies and the development of polymer industry allowed to develop Polymer composite forming the basis of a new type of roofing material - Polymer-sand tile.

Advantages polymer-sand tile

polymer-sand tail
  1. The longevity of tile at least 50 years.
  2. Weight of one square meter of polymer-sand tile 2-3 times less than that of similar tiles from ceramics or cement-sand composition.
  3. Roof of polymer tile easy to clean and resistant to water, alkalis, acids and other corrosive environments.
  4. Environmental cleanliness - lack of harmful impurities.
  5. Good tolerate temperature fluctuations. Has low thermal conductivity material provides the ideal temperature mode underroof space even without the use of additional insulation materials.
  6. It has high impact resistance, convenient for transport and stowage.
  7. Ridge for a roof tile of polymer has good sound insulation. polymer-sand- tail
  8. Thanks to the use of polymer-based and dye "Bayferrox" company "Bayer" (Germany) does not fade, does not decay and mold.
  9. Appearance resembles a natural tile.
  10. Not covered with frost.
  11. No rust.
  12. Not conducted and does not attract electricity.
  13. It does not require lightning protection for lightning protection mandatory.
  14. Not interfere with reception of radio waves, television, mobile phones.

See a table comparing the characteristics of roofing materials

You can manually start the industrial production of Polymer-sand tiles with our equipment

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